Toronto couple in home session | Kestra+Dwayne

June 6, 2022

Downtown Toronto Couple in Home Session

Check out this Toronto couple in home session.

There is something so intimate about in home photography sessions. This is where your daily life starts and ends. Its where you depart and come back together. Where your life is built together.

Dwayne and Kestra wanted to do their couples session in their home in Toronto. Warm and cozy, the light in there was a dream.

One of the the things I learnt about these two as a couple was how Dwanye takes care of Kestra. He reads to her all the time. A slow and steady voice when shes not at her best. Obviously I wanted to capture that special ritual and memory for them. He read to her from a favourite, Alice in Wonderland. This Toronto couple let me in and trusted me to photograph their love story.

We managed to sneak a few pet pictures in there too before we head ed out to a local Toronto park.

Toronto Waterfront Park

Theses two are frequent visitors of this waterfront park. We walked along the grassy knolls exploring the beach front and park.

Stopping at a few favourite nooks all the while chatting about life and the little bumps along its way.

Dwayne and Kestra have been friends for years before they dated. You can tell just by watching them what that type of foundation does for a relationship. They care about each other and it reflects in every touch and look.

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