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Photography is really about documenting your memories and feelings as the story unfolds. It matters greatly to me that I capture it in all its little details and moments. The last thing I want is for you to loose out on that retelling because you got your uncle to snap some pictures. Once the whirl of the day has settled and the months of planning has ended these photographs will be the record. Its an incredibly important position to fill and worth investing in.









This is for all the lovers out there to celebrate. That can be your engagement, your anniversary or being together as a couple. This session is all about documenting your special bond in a relaxed session. We choose a location that suits you guys, I give you guides on with tips and styling and we hit the road!

If you want to hike to your favourite mountain view; I'm game. Rent a cabin up north surrounded by trees, let's do it. Elopements are all about breaking with the traditional. This package is ideal for those keeping their celebration full of adventure and with a small or intimate guest count.

Traditional weddings hold their very own unique and loving charm. Getting ready with your best friends, walking down the aisle and a big feast with your family are some of those. This package is ideal for those going the route of countless happy couples before them.

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If you have a wild idea, a photography package can be custom built for your unique love story.

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