Romantic Dundurn Castle Engagement | Kim + Justin

January 19, 2024

As a wedding photographer, each session is a unique journey through the love stories of my clients. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Kim and Justin’s engagement at the historic Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. The day was overcast, with the threat of rain lingering until the last moment, but love and laughter prevailed, creating a captivating atmosphere for their session.

Dundurn Castle: A Stately Backdrop

Before delving into the enchanting details of Kim and Justin’s love story, let’s talk about the stunning venue that set the stage for this memorable engagement session. Dundurn Castle, nestled in the heart of Hamilton, exudes timeless elegance and rich history. This National Historic Site offers a picturesque blend of lush gardens, historic architecture, and scenic views, providing the perfect canvas for capturing love in its purest form.

The Overcast Sky and Reggie’s Charm

The day began with a sky veiled in soft clouds, creating a romantic ambiance at Dundurn Castle. The weather played a game of uncertainty, threatening rain throughout the session. However, this added an element of spontaneity, making each shot more memorable. Kim and Justin, undeterred by the weather, brought along their furry companion, Reggie, adding a touch of playfulness to the engagement session.

A Glimpse into Kim and Justin’s Love

As a photographer, my goal is to capture the essence of each couple, and Kim and Justin were no exception. Their responses to questions about each other’s quirks, habits, and what they love most about one another provided invaluable insights, guiding me to showcase their personalities authentically.

Justin’s admiration for Kim’s passion, vision, and the adorable eye twitch she does when passionately telling a story became focal points of our session. Kim, in turn, shared her appreciation for Justin’s kind heart, patience, and the playfulness that surfaces through his love language—play fighting. These details allowed me to craft a narrative that goes beyond the visual, delving into the intricacies of their connection.

Playful Habits and Shared Moments

Kim and Justin’s engagement session unfolded with glimpses into the playful habits that define their relationship. From Kim’s late-night foot paddling to Justin’s love language of play fighting, every detail was a testament to their unique bond. Justin’s “Blue Steel” mirror face and Kim’s endearing foot-rubbing cricket impression before bedtime added a touch of humor to the session, creating candid and genuine moments.

Love in the Little Things

The couple’s reflections on what they love most about each other and the habits they cherish painted a vivid picture of their deep connection. Justin cherishes the soft sounds of bliss Kim makes when he hugs her, while Kim finds joy in Justin’s subtle way of asking for affection. These tender moments captured at Dundurn Castle are a testament to the authenticity and depth of their love.

Our Favourite Ways

When asked about their favorite ways to spend time together, Kim and Justin listed activities that showcase their shared interests—eating, cooking, hiking, playing with Reggie, hitting the gym, playing video games, and attending live music events. Dundurn Castle became a backdrop for these shared passions, immortalizing the joy they find in each other’s company.

Reflecting on the Present

As the session concluded, I asked Kim and Justin what they want to remember about their relationship in 20 years. Their responses echoed a sentiment of humble beginnings, dreams, and the unique charm of their little family. Justin cheekily added, “All of the above + how good looking we were,” bringing laughter and nostalgia into their reflections.

Capturing the Essence

Reviewing the photos with the couple, I felt a sense of satisfaction and joy. Kim and Justin’s testimonial, “We love your ability to capture couples in a way that feels romantic but authentic, and not cheesy or staged,” reinforced the essence of my approach. Dundurn Castle provided a regal backdrop, but it was the genuine moments, playful habits, and the love shared by Kim and Justin that truly made the session magical.

Reliving the Magic

As I share this engagement session at Dundurn Castle, my hope is that couples reading this will find inspiration in the authenticity of Kim and Justin’s love story. If you’re on a journey to capture your own unique love story, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s create memories together that go beyond the visual, capturing the heart and soul of your relationship.

Ready to capture your love story? Contact me to schedule your personalized engagement session and let’s create timeless memories together.

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