Balzac’s coffee engagement in Guelph | Rachel+Adam

March 25, 2022

Balzac’s coffee engagement, Guelph

We started their engagement session by exploring a pine forest in Guelph. It had a river and ducks, which were a particular highlight for them. Rachel and Adam were like two young lovebirds, completely lost in each other’s company. As we walked along the river’s edge and through the forest, we chatted and laughed, and I captured some stunning photos of them in the beautiful moody winter light.At the end of our small hike, we went looking for some mushrooms, which was a fun and playful way to end the outdoor part of the session. During their engagement session Rachel and Adam had a sense of coziness and warmth that was infectious, and their love for each other was evident in everything they did.

The original coffee shop we were going to go to, Red Brick Cafe was closed that day. So we travelled to Balzacs coffee shop engagement Guelph, where Rachel and Adam got hot chocolate; their favorite drink to have as a couple. The Balzacs coffee shop in downtown Guelph was the perfect place to do part of Rachel and Adam’s engagement session. The cozy atmosphere and warm drinks added to the romantic ambiance. Not to mention the great details of this space’s building and decor.

We took a small walk afterwards to the historic church downtown they both loved and spent time at during their dating days. The church made for a stunning backdrop for their photos as the temperature dropped and snow started falling. 

Rachel and Adam are both gentle souls. You could tell that Adam absolutely cherished Rachel. And Rachel trusts Adam with her whole self. Their love was evident in the way they helped each other navigate the forest, in the way they looked deeply at each other, and in the way they laughed and joked together. As a photographer, it was a joy to capture this deep sense of love and affection. The whole experience was romantic and intimate, and I felt privileged to be able to capture them in moments of their everyday lives.Be sure to check out their wedding day here; Rachel and Adams Wedding

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