Whitehern Wedding in Hamilton Rebecca+Nathan

September 2, 2018

Intimate photos in the City of Hamilton with outdoor ceremony at Whitehern Gardens and Reception at Berkeley North Restaurant near Toronto

The folks who run Heritage Weddings do a spectacular job of organizing weddings across all the historic buildings. I have shot at their venues before and always love it. Rebeccas and Nathans Wedding was no different. 

I had the privilege of photographing Nathans older sisters wedding the year before. When it came time to find someone for Rebecca and Nathans wedding, they asked me! I was super hyped, I love this family and their partners. I went to high school with the whole gang and they always had such a strong and fun bond. Being around them all makes you feel like you’re hanging out with your own family.  

Nathan and Rebecca have been together since high school and have been strong like a tree roots. They have always supported each others dreams. Even if it took them to different provinces at different times. They love each other that much that they want the other to flourish. When they first got in contact, they weren’t even living in the same place. But they knew that would come together again soon. 

A Downtown Hamilton Wedding

Rebecca and I talked about their day and what they had planned out. They decided to do a Whitehern Wedding in Hamilton for its beautiful simplicity. Thats the beauty of Whitehern, you can not touch a thing and it’s like a movie set in England. Its has full gardens and rock wall fences lining the property. They wanted a bunch of close family and friends on the day. Nothing stressful and nothing extravagant. Also their dog because and I cant stress this enough, she’s family and cute as a button. She even got her own bow-tie. 

Following the ceremony everyone got surprised with an ice cream truck. Let me tell you it was a welcome treat in the heat that day. People then started to make their way over to a little restaurant in the heart of downtown Hamilton.    

We stayed behind and strolled around Whitehern and the city capturing their love. The reception was so awesome. It’s that simple. Wonderful speeches, dad’s embarrassing their kids, people creating new bonds. Rebecca got Nathans favourite songs mixed together without him knowing. Then their friend serenaded them while she played her guitar. The night ended with Nathan and Rebecca slow dancing in the middle of all their family. Being a wedding photographer in Hamilton is such a joy.

Locations and Venues:
Whitehern Gardens

More from the Whitehern website:

Whitehern’s historic mansion, garden and stable is one of Hamilton’s hidden treasures. It is nestled within a walled terraced garden behind city hall and provides an intimate setting for family and friends to celebrate the marriage ritual. Whitehern’s splendid gardens give couples a romantic stage for exchanging their solemn vows. The restored coach house provides a window back to the era of horse and carriage. Your wedding will become part of the storied memories and remembrances that has become Whitehern. 

Berkeley North Restaurant

Other Vendors

Donut Monster

Collective Arts Brewing Co

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