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March 27, 2024

My approach to documentary style backyard wedding photography has always been about the genuine and candid moments. This intimate day at Keegan’s grandparents backyard in Guelph was no exception. I love these types of weddings. Plus their dog was part of the wedding day and that to me already makes it a win day in my books.

The atmosphere was cozy and familial, with everyone in the family pitching in to make the day perfect. Everyone helped build the day in a way that truly reflected the meaning of family. Their grandparents had opened their home to host. Maya’s dad provided the food, mom baked the cake and even hair styling from his sister. It was a true family celebration that radiated love and warmth from every corner. Nora, their beloved dog, added to the joyous atmosphere and was an integral part of their special day. The sense of togetherness and love was palpable for me as an observer.

This was the hottest wedding of the year . The humidity was dense to say the least. Like a thick blanket over everything. Nothing dampened anyone’s spirits though and showed what a laid back group this was. 

Small moments tell big things

Grandpa made an unexpected appearance during their first look and private vows. Adding a touch of humor and love that made it even more memorable. Plus it was so cute seeing how happy he was for the pair. 

They had their ceremony on the back lawn. Pink couches provided seating for some and others stood in a semi circle. The wind blowing and the sun shining. The perfect space for a backyard wedding.

After the ceremony we ventured out to their favorite field at the back of the property. Nora happily trailing behind us. The forested meadow gave us the most stunning backdrop for their portraits. We even managed to grab a few photos with a film camera as they both have a shared passion for film photography. This place had the perfect earth tones.

Maya and Keegan’s kept their top priorities were evident throughout the day. Their family and friends coming together. The special moments between the two of them, and a fun, relaxed vibe. They nailed it. Oh and pictures with Nora. Loved that girl.

Storytelling through a lens

Reflecting on their experience, Maya shared, “Brianne is amazing at capturing the unexpected and meaningful moments.” Keegan added, “Our wedding photos are exactly what we dreamed of, and working with Brianne was such a breeze.” It was a pleasure to witness and document their love story in a way that resonated with them.

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your love story in a relaxed and authentic way, I would love to hear from you. Let’s turn your love story into art.

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