Hampton Barn Wedding at Belwood Lake Ashley+Billy

September 15, 2018

Gorgeous photos at the Hampton Barn in Belwood Lake with Reception at the Goofie Newfie in Fergus

This Hampton Barn Belwood Wedding will leave you wanting to celebrate all your family traditions.

Billy and Ashley are like wild fire. They are an energy and goofiness that becomes infectious the more time you spend with them. Both of these two were happy and light hearted from the moment I got there until I left. It shows you how easy going these two are. The pair got ready in two places very close to each other letting me be able to bounce between the two. In one house was Ashley with all her girls and nieces. The other with Billy with his guys and dad. Ashley was cool and collected while getting ready with her girls. Billy was running around trying to get all the gentlemen dressed. It was an interesting dynamic switch. The kilts needed to put on correct, shoes had to done up and family crests pinned right

Ashley’s parents both made appearances and let me tell you Ashley is carbon copy of her dad. 

Conservation Area Wedding

Belwood boasts a lot of great things like lake trails, fishing, hunting, and canoeing to name just a few. All of this just ten minutes away from downtown Fergus. 

From their home we made our way to the ceremony space. Belwoods Hampton barn is tucked deep into the forest. Its own small pond one side of the wooden barn. Their ceremony took place in the bottom part of the building. It has such a quaint rustic interior only adding to its romantic charm.

Hand Fasting Ceremony

I got to witness many rituals all day that were hundreds of years old. The hand-fasting one hit me right in the feels. Ashley and Billy did such a stunning job incorporating their rich tradition into the day. We wandered around the stunning venue and did their photos. My older sister was in attendance and was kind enough to help with Ashleys’ dress. After the photos they had traditional food served complete with a cutting of the haggis. I love haggis, so i was over the moon. Clean up happened with everyone pitching in and felt very much like weddings of old. The family and friends involved in helping and celebrating. After the wedding at Hampton barn, We made our way back to their place for a quick shower and break. It also allowed us to get some pictures with their cute little Scottie dog.  

The Goofie Newfie Reception

The big after celebration with everyone happened at the Goofy Newfie in Fergus. Of course we snuck off before to grab some snaps by the river and omg these two were looking super romantic. The night had Gallic songs, father daughter dance offs and more plaid than I have ever seen. It was such a fun day.     

Locations and venues: 

Belwood Lake Conservation

More from the Belwood Lake website:

Belwood Lake is a 12-kilometre-long reservoir created by the construction of Shand Dam in 1942. It offers excellent boating, fishing and water-skiing. A spring-fed quarry with a sandy beach is a great place to swim. Visitors can walk across the dam and view the reservoir waters as well as enjoy a vista of the Grand River valley far below.

Goofie Newfie Pub

More from the Goofie Newfie website:

The Newfie is more than just great food, we have succeeded in bringing a lot more to this cozy spot.. we have live bands every weekend, Karaoke the last Thursday of every month, and a pool table tucked away in its own little nook!

Other Vendors:

Catering: Fergie’s Bakery and Catering

Dress: Taylor’s in Elmira

Hair: Joyce Mangos

Kilts: Collins Formalwear

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