Session Guide

It doesn't need to feel daunting on what to wear or do at your session.

I’ve put together a few tips in this guide to help figure it all out.

A lot of people try to go shopping for new clothes for the shoot beforehand but I recommend not going that route. Bring stuff you normally wear, stuff that’s already in your closet that you love and feel yourselves in. An old band t shirt and ripped jeans? Perfect. big boho dress? fantastic. As long as it represented what you guys are like right now, that's all that matters. 100% you'll be more happy to be at the shoot if you don't an outfit you hate to be moving in.

This is what I’ve found to work best from trial and error on past sessions. At the end of the day, I want you guys to look like yourselves. So don’t feel like if you don’t follow these guidelines that your photos are gonna suck. The most important thing to me is that you guys feel and look how you normally are. The goal is authenticity.

First off, I recommend bringing some clothing options. To get the best results, I’ll pick and pull from the options you bring for you guys to change into. This way I can make sure the outfits compliment the environment and each other. All you have to do is make sure you bring stuff that you feel like a winner in that we can pick and pull from!

That being said; don’t bring everything you own. We don't want to waste time going through a bunch of stuff when we can be shooting. Try to keep it to 3 or 4 pairs of bottoms, tops, and dresses each. Of course, feel free to bring accessories as well.

Depending on where we are shooting, you’ll most likely be changing in the back of the car on the side of the road. If you aren’t down with that, that’s okay! If you are able to text/email me a few photos of the outfit options you have, we can pick it out together beforehand. That way you can wear your outfit to the shoot.

OPtions: Bring a few

when in doubt just bring it with you or shoot me a email

The look

Colors, Colors, Colors

I recommend sticking with neutrals and earthy tones.

Neutrals doesn't mean just greys and browns though.

There’s neutrals of every color. For reference here are some examples: mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue, burnt orange, etc

If you can, stay away from bright/ fluorescent distracting colors.

Avoid big, loud, chunky, crazy patterns. The smaller or more subtle, the better! If the pattern is too loud, it will distract from your faces.

I try to avoid pairing too many patterns together as well. It makes the photos feel a little hectic and distracting from you and the location.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

If you still need some clothing inspiration

check out my Pinterest board for a bunch of examples.

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Remember my dudes



You’re not there for me. I’m there for you: to document YOUR love. I will always meet you where you are at and we will work together to create a true reflection of you as a couple. This session will not be anything like you have had done in the past. It's all about relaxing, having fun and a great bonding time with your other half.

The Process

Don't hold back

Honesty is mandatory. Vulnerability is encouraged. I can only capture your true dynamic if you allow me into your space. Remember how you interact when you’re alone, and don’t hide it. Embrace both the goofy laughter and the quiet vulnerable moments. I will, of course, guide you through all this as we shoot, but I need you to meet me halfway and allow me into your intimacy.


Embrace the spontaneous

And I don’t just mean the weather! I want you to embrace the rocks, the dirt, and the paths less travelled. The wind messing up your hair and your dress getting dirty. All the spontaneous and “imperfect” elements of life. It's in these moments that we also get to see how you help each other. How a tender hand moves twigs from your hair. All these moments are real and bring intimacy to your photos and the session itself.


Make it a Date day

You’re not going to be your most genuine selves at the end of an errand-filled stressful day. Try (If you can) to take it easy before your session. Maybe grab lunch, get a drink, whatever method works best for you and your partner to relax. Then when it comes time to the session you are in a much better mental space to love on each other and have fun. Basically; Let's capture you on your best day if we can!


The Extras

Your Other Loves

Part of telling your story through images is bringing in important objects to tell the story. They don't have to be crazy wild things but objects that mean something. Do you read to your partner? Bring a book. Are we going to a field you had your first kiss? bring a blanket to cuddle on. We will make sure to incorporate them in a non-cheesy way.

Our pets are important members of our family and I get wanting to incorporate them into your photos. I'm all for it!

For dogs I've found its best to take some photos with them and then hand them off to someone else. That way you get them in but they aren't pulling your focus away worrying about them.

Please let me know before hand of this is something you want to do so we can plan accordingly!

Just be you!

things will feel way less AWKWARD

I want your dynamic to set the tone and mood of the shoot, not what you think a session should look like. Are you goofballs? Are you introverted? Have a weird way you hug? Great, I want all that. The main thing here is not to act like you think you should for a session because there truthfully isn't a right way. And its not worth the added stress of being 'perfect' at the end of the day. I can promise you to do my utmost to make it a safe space to be your wildly weird and in love selves.

I will guide you into a fun and relaxing shoot

At the End

of the Day

Overall, just wear what you’re comfortable with and feel like you in. A pair of Vans you’ve had since 8th grade? Great. A sweater you wore for a month straight? Awesome. You do you, and I promise the photos will turn out amazing.

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