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How To get killer images on your wedding day

Hey There Friends!

Below you will find my tips for getting killer images on your wedding day. The tips that follow are broken up into categories. They will give you some ways to incorporate photography into your day. If you can manage them great! And if not your images will still come out amazing.

Try to get ready in areas with lots of natural light. These will make much more flattering sources of light than overhead ones. I will turn off lights as I need when photographing to avoid unflattering raccoon eyes and color.

If you are getting ready in a dark place (i.e. no window light) I would suggest either renting an Airbnb or a hotel/motel or getting ready at friend or siblings place.

The Importance of Natural Light

Light plays a huge role in photography. I know you’re thinking ‘well duh!’ but it plays an important role for post-production too.

Clutter on the Day

I know the day can be very hectic, but try and keep things that are distracting hidden away as best you can.

Suitcases, bra’s, etc can make the images not flattering and might limit which photos you want to show others. I will always try and move things on the day but its great for time for you to help me as well! It can help to have one of your bridal party be in charge of keeping things together.




A few examples for your details

Your Wedding Day Details


dress and suit


I love to photograph your personal wedding day items on you or being put on. These items are part of your narrative and lets me focus more on the part they play in your day. This also frees up time in the getting ready part of the day. Which I use to capture more important moments between you and your family and party. There may still be objects that are photographed in a more traditional flat lay if you wish.

POcket watch

family ring

six pence



cuff links



Personal Vows

rsvp letter




Or not to unplug

Listen I don't believe you need to tell people not to take pictures on their phone. I love seeing people super excited about capturing even a snippet of the joy and fun they had with you.

One thing I do advocate for however is having the officiate say a quick word to remind your friends and family to stay out of the aisle during the ceremony. I have had to physically move well meaning guests out of the way before.

You are also more than welcome to do an unplugged ceremony sign just out from your ceremony space. I have seen these work rather well in the past.

I like to use the available light at your reception as much as I can. So the more extra light sources you can add the better. It helps create an interesting atmosphere and more ambient light for me to use in place of flash. That being said I will use flash if the space is dark or light unevenly to make sure you get the best photos possible, especially on the dance floor.

If you have a DJ at the wedding please let them know to turn off any coloured lights during your first dances. The colored lights can create very unflattering shadows and tones to you and your photos. So its best to have them off during to eliminate this problem.

Your REception

Add a romantic atmosphere by putting up string lights, candles, lamps, etc. at your reception

The Process


I always play music (if the space permits) to help set the tone and mood. We always start by exploring the venue or location we have gone to. This allows you guys to have a few minutes to relax before we jump straight into photos. I try my best to match your energy and won’t force anything that doesn’t feel like you.



When we start shooting I may ask you to repeat an action to get different angles and shots. I will prompt and guide when needed and encourage you to try and stay in the moment together as long as you can. There are a few times I won’t step in, but not because I want to leave you adrift. How you navigate a problem as a couple (like getting up a hill) is a beautiful part of your narrative that I get to capture. I want to capture the times you support each other and that connection.


You got this

I try my best to match your energy and we won’t force anything. At the end of the day nothing you do in front of the camera is ‘wrong’. While it might feel awkward at first but I promise that feeling will fade quick.


The end of the Guide but...

Just the beginning

Can't wait to see you on your wedding day!

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