Vancouver is a Elopement Photographers dream

March 23, 2019

Vancouver is an Elopement Photographers dream it’s also a Wedding Photographers dream.

I can see why those in love would want a Vancouver Elopement. This city is so meshed with nature. I have been to Vancouver, B.C. a couple of times and every single time I find something more to fall in love with.

Lighthouse Park is one of the best parks to explore. Trees line the path as you descend towards the waters edge.

Being that it was once a World War 2 lookout many of the heritage buildings are still there. 

Lighthouse Park has one of the last remaining examples of a coastal forest. Seals play in the water, with eagles scream from the tops of the trees here.

Lynn Canyon has a sweet swing bridge. Its glacier run off making the water bright blue and freezing. This is a regular spot for filmmakers and I have seen several over the times I have gone here.

Granville Island is another hot spot to check out. Its market under a bridge. Need I say more. You can even find musicians playing in little nooks. They have such a wild array of things to eat (Bison Jerky?!) and things to buy. It has its own micro culture that’s full of life.

I finally got to check out Grouse Mountain. Ride the trolly up the mountain and see what the entire city of Vancouver looks like from a mountain. In the winter they have light displays, skating and in the summer they have zip lines and bears.

I can see someone doing their Vancouver Elopement at this place. Big wood cabins, sweeping views and a sweet ride up to it all.

As you look at the photos below please know that most of these were taken on my phone. I don’t always take my camera with me because I like to try and be as present as possible on trips!


Granville Island

More from the Granville Island website

As Vancouver’s premier artistic and cultural hub, located in an urban, waterfront location and steeped in a rich industrial and maritime heritage, this unique destination attracts millions of visitors each year from Vancouver and around the world. The charm of Granville Island lies in its unexpected mix of uses.  The famous Public Market, open daily from 9 am to 7 pm, is home to more than 50 independent food purveyors and contributes to the Island’s appeal as a renowned culinary destination. In the Net Loft Shops and Railspur District, many of Canada’s best artists and designers can be found. Granville Island is home to many cultural venues and hosts numerous performing arts and cultural festivals year-round. 

Lighthouse Park

More from the Lighthouse Park website

Lighthouse Park is approximately 75 hectares in size and a nationally significant natural park within West Vancouver. It has important natural and cultural resources and very high levels of use by local residents and tourists. The park is a biologically rich and unique resource and is an example of a remaining old growth coastal forest in the Lower Mainland. The lighthouse and light station grounds at Point Atkinson are a national historic site and one of the most photographed and recognizable landmarks in the entire Lower Mainland.

Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge

More from the Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge website

The Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge is one of Lynn Valley’s best kept secrets. The 50 meter high bridge stretches across a beautiful canyon boasting raging waters, waterfalls and deep pools below. The bridge is a popular attraction among tourists and locals alike, the best part is that it is free of charge for all to see. Crossing the suspension bridge is always an exciting experience, it bounces up and down and sways from side to side with every step.

Grouse Mountain

More from the Grouse Mountain website

Grouse Mountain was named by the first recorded hikers to reach the summit in October 1894. In those days, climbing Grouse Mountain was a three or four day epic journey – there was no bridge across Burrard Inlet and no road to the base. The hardy group of hikers slogged through snow, scrambled over rock and up through the dense forest. Along the way, they hunted a Blue Grouse and honoured the plentiful game bird by calling the Peak “Grouse Mountain”. Just 15 minutes from downtown, Vancouver’s premier attraction offers the perfect destination for a truly rewarding and memorable experience. With a variety of cultural, educational and outdoor adventures to choose from, we look forward to helping you plan your next visit. 

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