Couples photos in forest are romantic in Guelph | Jacko+Brent

February 9, 2021

Couples photos in forest are romantic in Guelph Ontario. I met Jacqueline years ago. She had contacted me to take some photos of her and her dogs. Not only was she easy going and lovely to be around her dogs were such hams. We walked around her property in the fields. We stopped often and snapped shots of them all. Not to mention some handsome shots of the boys. Fast forward a couple of years later and she gets in touch. This time she had a partner and they wanted to do photos of them and the dogs. I was so happy for her and delighted I got to photograph the gang again.

Jac wanted to do the photos in the forest full of tall pines in a little space outside Guelph. The day was overcast, perfect and dreamy. I can see why these two fell in love. Brent is equally as genuine as Jacqueline. They are so in-tune with each other and on the same wave length. In each others company they are vibrant and steady. Total match.

We chatted between puppy antics and walking to different spaces in the area. As It turns out the photos I had done earlier of Jacqueline and the dogs is what made Brent message her. Jacqueline laughed and told me I had a hand in their love story. Being a romantic at heart I was over the moon. I ‘helped’ in someone else’s love story. It made this session a little more special to me.

We finished our session in Puslinch by a stream they had also found during their adventures. Brambles and the quiet of late fall and as the light faded we caught a few more moments before parting ways.

Doing couples photos in a forest are romantic in Guelph and I hope you enjoy viewing them.